Olic: Brnich is the best Manager of all with whom I played for a career

Olic: Brnich is the best Manager of all with whom I played for a careerCSKA striker Ivica Olic said the site army of fans of the club that the left-back position, where he delivered in the friendly match against Austria on view in the team Bernard Brnich, it is not characterized. "Not just left, and, in General, defender yesterday he played first time in my life. The best playmaker of all, which I played for a career - Brnik. Very skilled and smart player who perfectly knows the art of the pass," said Olic.Brnich, stated that other options for continuing a career beyond the borders of Croatia. If Brnich not podoidet CSKA, he Varnitsa home. "In that case I will go back to their club and will play in the Croatian championship, which starts on 27 February," said Brnich..

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