Titov ready to go to court

Titov ready to go to courtThe captain of Spartak Egor Titov very sharply spoke about the work of the chief arbiter fursy judging retreat "red and white" with "Spartak-Alania", ended in victory for the home team with the score 3:0. Criticism of the referee this season, despite a fine of 30 thousand rubles, is no surprise, however, Yegor Titov in an interview to Sport-Express" noticed that he did not intend to part with money. If fine with it still will require, the captain of Spartak intends to go to court. "A fine is not going to pay. If I try to punish, to sue in civil court, which I am sure will be in my favor, " said Yegor Titov. I've not touched on the subject of refereeing, but now full of patience. And not because we lost - 0:3. Spartak now can beat anyone and anyone to lose. Just so you can be the judge! By the way, the first time I saw our coach, which has seen a lot and achieved a lot in football, in such a depressed state. When after the match, Vladimir G. went to the locker room, he was shaking..

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