Spartacus - Esbjerg. After the match

Spartacus - Esbjerg. After the matchThe acting head coach of "Spartak" Vladimir Fedotov said after winning the first match 1/64 finals of the UEFA Cup with the Danish Esbjerg" that his opponent was not surprised, reporter РТР-Спорт.Ru. "We deserved to win. True, could have scored more than two goals. Especially a lot of chances created in the second half, but overall I'm happy with the result. Still hope that with each match will increase the understanding from Pavlyuchenko and Panovich. I should note that the team had not missed goals. Best game score of defense is always zero goals in their own net. Add the fact that the Danes me does not surprise me. Even the composition of the "Esbjerg" was the same as in the last match of the Danish championship."For "Spartacus" it is very important to perform well in the UEFA Cup - admitted to the correspondent РТР-Спорт.Ru captain "red and white" Yegor Titov. - Still, the championship of Russia we almost doigryvaet, so you can focus on another tournament. We managed the game, "Esbjerg", but I have to say, although the opposition was serious, "Spartacus" was able to win thanks to his class. I can't remember when we created so many chances. The team acted quickly and matching, so I'm happy. Moreover, the result in this match allows us to go to Denmark for the second match, with a good chance of reaching the next round."Mentor "Esbjerg" Ove Pedersen noted that although "Spartak" club high level, but the fate of vouchers in the 1/32 finals of the UEFA Cup is still in the hands of his charges. "I'm dissatisfied with how the match ended. But for the best in this meeting, we could hardly count. The funny thing is, all of the most dangerous moments of the opposition caused our goal after the break. I hope we all will learn a good lesson from the defeat. Let chances of reaching the next round in "Esbjerg" and a bit, but they are. Will need in the second match to score a quick goal, then Spartak start to get nervous and our chances will increase. In addition, Spartak won't like it if we will press on. Let now all in the hands of our opponent, but we will try to challenge what I had prepared us life". The goalkeeper of "Esbjerg" Lars Windows, though, and missed two goals, however, did not hide his satisfaction score of the match. "Of course I expected to keep their goal intact, but now happy that it was limited to just two goals. Could have been worse. Besides my much more famous colleague Peter Schmeichel save, "sporting", at the time, dropped from "Spartacus" more than three goals. However, to say that "Esbjerg" lost all chances for a favorable outcome the two round battle early. In the second leg we will fight further against Spartak"..

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