Spikelets: Wales no chance

Spikelets: Wales no chanceIn the headquarters of UEFA in Nyon continues the meeting of the appeals Committee, which shall consider the appeal of the Football Association of Wales (FAW) at the end of the second play-off match of Euro 2004 on 19 November last year against Russia, in which the Russians won 1:0 and in which participated Yegor Titov, UEFA disqualified for doping.The meeting is chaired by the Swiss Michel Vaiare. Attended by the members of the appeals Committee of UEFA Frenchman Jean-Appietto, German götz McMahon, disciplinary inspector UEFA Austrian Gerhard Karl. Two experts from the laboratory in Lausanne, accredited by the international Olympic Committee (IOC) martial Shoji and Lydia Alois has provided members with their instruments, so they will be called to the meeting just in case, if you need anything clarified.On the Russian side, the meeting was attended by the President of the Russian football Union (RFU) Vyacheslav Koloskov and the team doctor Andrei Grishanov.Wales is an impressive delegation of nine people, including the President of FAU Tegwyn Evans, the General Secretary of the FAA David Collins and coach mark Hughes.Shortly before the meeting Vyacheslav Koloskov said in an interview with RIA Novosti that the Welsh have virtually no chance to win the case, but added that "the problem is that we WADA has not signed any contracts".According to Koloskova, "only in may FIFA will sign with the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) contract, so there are laws WADA though and act, but indirectly, not directly."While we operate under doping code FIFA and UEFA," stressed the President of the RFU..

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