Chervichenko doesn't make the tragedy of defeat

Chervichenko doesn't make the tragedy of defeatThe head coach of Spartak Moscow Italian Nevio Scala in an interview to Sport-Express "on Friday gave his comments to the UEFA Cup match against Mallorca."I did not expect that the bill will be so unfavorable. But I am sure that we did not deserve defeat.Before the meeting I said to the players: be prepared that have a hard time. And he added: when's strict discipline and the maximum concentration we are able not just to play well and to win. Unfortunately, for the entire match concentration and discipline is not enough. In addition, we made silly mistakes in front of goal: we also missed some clear chances. Somewhere the players do not have enough experience, maybe luck, but in the end we are being punished. Well, it would be a good lesson for budushee various reasons we find it difficult to approach the game with the Spaniards in the best possible way. It's not an excuse, it's reality. The team in its current form is only created, we have no magic wand. Yes, the first official match did not work, but nobody is going to give up," said Rock."today I met with the President, but the details of the conversation can't report - this information is not for the press. I can only say that the President doesn't make the tragedy of defeat as I am. We're sorry that we lost, but this match should be an additional incentive for serious work," said Rock."Now pointless to try to guess the result of a return match. One thing is clear: we will make every effort to "Mallorca" at least not to lose. Another question is what happens. But in any case the return match will be very useful for the development team. Each official game for us now its weight in gold," said chief trenr red and white.As you know, on Thursday, the nine-time Russian Champions lost in the UEFA Cup Spanish Mallorca with the score 0:3..

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