Hughes: we have evidence that shows we were right

Hughes: we have evidence that shows we were rightCoach Welsh football mark Hughes hopes that his players will go to EURO 2004 instead of the Russian team, reports RIA "Novosti".First appeal Welsh was not satisfied UEFA members. So Wales has filed a re-examination of which will take place on March 19. This time, according to Hughes, the decision should be made in favour of Wales."In my opinion, no one is going to explain to us why the decision was made in favor of Russia, " he said. If this happened with one of the British teams, I am sure, would have been a different response."We have the facts and evidence that point to our right, " said Hughes. - Titov, who had used doping, played for Russia, and, perhaps, that his contribution was decisive in our opposition".One of the players of the national team of Wales Gary AIDS a bit different opinion."If I were asked about the fairness of the result at the end of the game with Russia, I would put his hands up and admitted that we are not good enough, " said AIDS. - Now it is unclear whether only Titov took illegal drugs"."I hope that we will go to EURO 2004, but I want justice, I want something like this will never be repeated", he concluded..

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