Chervichenko waiting for the alien or Yartseva

Chervichenko waiting for the alien or YartsevaThe President of Spartak Andrew Chervichenko on the official club website comments on the events taking place in the camp of "red-white".1. Once again, I note that the decision about the care of Andrei Chernyshov we adopted him together. Andrei Alekseevich, for my own reasons, I have mine. Given the quality of currently showcased Spartak game, and that the task before Chernyshov for this year were no longer feasible, the fate of Andrei Alekseevich at the end of the season was almost predestined. In my opinion, it would be better if the new coach will be their idea of "Spartak", the players in the near future. Then he will know that you are entitled to expect from available-performers, and determine what positions still need to strengthen. We will do everything to prepare for the next season to start fully stocked. 2. Together with Andrey Alekseevich Spartak left his coaching and administrative team (the people who came with him). Functions acting coach for an indefinite period assumed by Vladimir Fedotov. Work closely with it will be Ilya Tsymbalar and Miroslav Romashchenko, who shall retain their powers preceptors reserve team.3. The exact date of the appointment of a new head coach can not name. Too serious and responsible choice remains to be done and here it is necessary to thoroughly think through all. Andrey Chernyshov is a young, talented and promising coach. However, experience has shown that "Spartacus" need more imposing figure who will be able to cope with our players that will be able not just to bring guys to their concept, but also make her feel. Now we have compiled an extensive list of potential candidates. Soon we will begin to conduct preliminary negotiations, consultations. Again, no rush in this matter can not be. So, do not ask me any prior names.4. The list of candidates includes mainly the names of foreign experts. I'm still not really sure how people are unaware of the Russian language will be able to work with the Russian team. It also remains to be seen, and to think.5. Concerning the candidate Georgy Yartsev will say that nothing is out..

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