Blackburn: in Novorossiysk will stand Sáfár

Blackburn: in Novorossiysk will stand SáfárHead coach of "Spartak" Andrey Chernyshov said that all the newcomers, whose red-white acquired in the summer of application, will arrive in Novorossiysk on the first match of the second round of the championship of Russia on football with Chornomorets, reports RIA "Novosti."It is important that all newcomers quickly joined our team, " said Chernyshov, because we bought them not for the fact that they were sitting on the bench. They should really help the team in the near future".According to Chernyshova, new players will become real members of the team only when "the guys will understand that it is the players of "Spartak".Blackburn added that Hungarian goalkeeper sabolich Sáfár, most likely, in the match against Chornomorets will be released in the first team and will continue to perform the functions of the first team goalkeeper.Commenting on the state of Moroccan goalkeeper Agbelima Bugs, Chernyshov said that "we are not going to throw the players, however, after recovery, he will have to prove their right to play in the basis of "Spartacus".Chernyshov also noted that continue Spartak will take seriously the choice of potential recruits. Primarily the focus will be on the players from Eastern Europe (Poland, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Czech Republic). So, about the new acquisition of Spartak soccer team in Croatia Daniel Humana Chernyshov said he will be a major player at left tackle.According to Chernyshova, he is familiar with Hermana, which was highly praised by the Croatia coach Otto baric..

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