Alexander Mamut will make torpedo superclub

Alexander Mamut will make torpedo superclubAccording to "Sport-Express" from different sources in the Russian football brewing sensation: in the near future in Russia may appear superclub.We are talking about Moscow "torpedo", the interest for which manifests tycoon Alexander Mamut and control structure. According to some information, the deal took place, and soon it will be advertised publicly.As a possible President of the "torpedo", which will be allocated substantial funds for the conduct of Affairs, called the head of one of the clubs of the Premier League. On this post some sources see the famous Frenchman Luis Fernandez, who had just left Paris and is still vacant, others call unemployed Oleg Romantsev. When you choose in favor of red is quite possible the arrival of the "torpedo" as his assistant or athletic Director current coach of Wings" by Alexander Tarkhanov.Quite impressive looks a list of prospective players updated "torpedo". It is headed by such a bright personality, as team leader of Russia Alexei Smertin from Bordeaux. Appear the names of Andrew Karachi from "Wings" and Ognjen of Karamana from Dynamo, which, incidentally, has not played in the last match in Novorossiysk. As the main goalkeeper is considered a candidate Ruslan Nigmatullin - it is unlikely to satisfy Verona Italian Serie B. Sustained interest in Dmitry Sychev from Marseille.Intriguing looks, the choice in favor of a famous Brazilian Jardel (below). He recently terminated the contract with sporting, but they still have the offer only from Spanish club second division, "Levant", that it is hardly satisfied. The number of possible acquisitions among the legions can be attributed Swede Henrik Larsson who has run out of the old contract with Celtic, and Dane Martin Laursen Milan. At the same time, as it became known "SE", "torpedo" the other day refused to sell one of the leading clubs in Russia its leader Igor semshova.In General, this bizarre version of it seems quite plausible. It is known, for example, that talks about buying a "torpedo" was conducted six months ago, was called even estimated cost - $ 50 million, and on Sunday the Chairman of the Board of Directors Vladimir Aleshin confirmed that the club is really busy finding strategic partners.No official confirmation regarding the deal and named candidates to Sunday were reported..

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