Psychiatrists are fighting for the life and health of Bayern midfielder

Psychiatrists are fighting for the life and health of Bayern midfielderAccording to the official site of UEFA, the 23-year-old midfielder of Bayern Munich Sebastian Deisler is still in a psychiatric hospital, where he is undergoing treatment for depression, the cause of which remains to be seen. According to doctors, this health disorder occurs in 10-15 percent of the population at least once in life. In connection with the illness of Deisler remember the tragic fate attacker "1860 Munich and Mainz" Guido Erhard, who left football in 1998 due to psychological problems. After a career he also underwent treatment for depression, and in April 2001 in an interview stated that he overcame his illness and became a normal person. However, eight months later, his father committed suicide by throwing himself under a train.. . Читать полностью -->

Maxim Romashchenko leaves Gaziantepspor

Maxim Romashchenko leaves GaziantepsporThe Belarusian national team midfielder Maksim Romashchenko leaves Turkish Giancaspro, the official UEFA website. The player and the club are unable to agree on the terms of the new contract."We offered to Maxim as much as you can to allow our budget, but, unfortunately, he refused. We wish him success in his future career," said the representative of the club.27-year-old midfielder has spent the Turkish club season 3. In 61 matches, Romashchenko, which also has a track record in 24 matches for the national team, scoring 20 goals and thus helped Gaziantepspor to take the 4th place in the championship and get into the UEFA Cup.. . . Читать полностью -->

The Champions League. The locomotive in the 1/8 finals will play against MonacoIn the headquarters of UEFA held a draw for the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. Moscow, Lokomotiv got most complex of all possible opponents - French Monaco. The remaining pairs: Bayern (Germany) - Madrid (Spain) Barcelona (Spain) - Arsenal (England), Stuttgart (Germany) - Chelsea (England), real Sociedad (Spain) - Lyon (France), Porto (Portugal) - Manchester United (England), Deportivo - Juventus (Italy), Sparta (Czech Republic) - Milan (Italy).Matches will take place on 24-25 February and March 9-10.. . . Читать полностью -->

Spartacus - Esbjerg. After the match

Spartacus - Esbjerg. After the matchThe acting head coach of "Spartak" Vladimir Fedotov said after winning the first match 1/64 finals of the UEFA Cup with the Danish Esbjerg" that his opponent was not surprised, reporter РТР-Спорт.Ru. "We deserved to win. True, could have scored more than two goals. Especially a lot of chances created in the second half, but overall I'm happy with the result. Still hope that with each match will increase the understanding from Pavlyuchenko and Panovich. Читать полностью -->

Lippi: this season Juventus plays better

Lippi: this season Juventus plays betterAfter the match with "Bologna" the main Juventus coach Marcello Lippi said that this season Juve are better than in the previous year, according to SoccerAge. Juventus scored four points more than the same time last season, we successfully participate in the Italian Cup and the Champions League. But Milan are a very silt. If he doesn't slow down the course, we will not be able to win the championship," said Lippi.. . . Читать полностью -->

Steve marl can be a teammate Sycheva

Steve marl can be a teammate SychevaMarseille (Marseilles) is negotiating with English Fulham on the move to the French club on loan French striker Steve marl, Reuters reports citing a source in the French club.The unnamed source said that the "Marseilles" wants to take the gauze to rent for a year.Recall that in Saturday's match against Middlesbrough, Marla opened his goals in championship of England.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Bulykin only knows Giggs

Bulykin only knows GiggsStriker Russia and the Moscow "Dynamo" Dmitry Bulykin in the ranks of the opponents of our national team for the junction matches for the right to compete in the final tournament of Euro-2004 - Wales - knows only one player is Ryan Giggs."To be honest, in addition to Ryan Giggs, who plays for Manchester United, offhand I can't remember a single player from the team of Wales, said in an interview with "Vremya Novostei" Russia striker Dmitry Bulykin. - However, this does not mean that we got a weak opponent. Of course, Wales is not Spain nor Holland with Turkey, but to qualify for the European championship, the Welsh will fight for life and death. I have great respect for British football, and Wales is a typical representative, but still would like to score a goal and the opponent, and it would be good head".. . . Читать полностью -->

With Dynamo trains Moroccan midfielder Noureddine Qasimi

With Dynamo trains Moroccan midfielder Noureddine QasimiLast night at the "Dynamo" was first trained football player of the national team of Morocco and club Raja Noureddine Qasimi, according to "Sport-Express".25-year-old left tackle before that was on view in "Locomotive", but have not approached the railroad. Viktor Prokopenko will assess the potential for Moroccan in the practice match and then decide.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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