Broadcast of the 17th round of the championship of Russia

Broadcast of the 17th round of the championship of Russia16:00 torpedo - CSKA:55 Zenit - Wings Sovetov:15 ruby - Saturn-RenTV5:00 Rotor - Chernomorets:55 Dynamo - Lokomotivservice for changes. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Titov and Kovtun with Ireland will not play

Titov and Kovtun with Ireland will not playOn the day of the qualifying match of the European championship 2003 between the national teams of Ireland and Russia no no lessons in the schedule of our team was not provided. The team leaves the property "city West", 20 km from Dublin, two hours before the match, reports RIA "Novosti". The Russians Yuri cornflowers reported that Yuri Kovtun and Yegor Titov, who on the eve of the temperature rose, the match will not accept. The other players of the Russian team of health problems not.. . . Читать полностью -->

Pele: When admonished Bulykin - remembered Yashin

Pele: When admonished Bulykin - remembered YashinDespite the tight schedule of the visit to Moscow, the King of football taking time out for an exclusive interview to sport-Express". He took your correspondents in the living room on the ninth floor of the hotel Marriott Tverskaya. Was outgoing, friendly and seems to like us, upset that allotted for conversation the time flew by arrow. Interview with one of the best players in the history of world football read in the latest issue of "Sport-Express".. . . Читать полностью -->

Karyaka remains a team player

Karyaka remains a team playerAndrei Karyaka remains one of the main candidates for the left midfielder in the team. This fact was confirmed yesterday, the main national team coach Georgy Yartsev in a telephone conversation with President of "Wings of the Soviets" German Tkachenko. "The fact that the match with the Bulgarians limited number of substitutions, and on the left flank I'm going to check other players because the qualification Karachi does not cause me to doubt, said Yartsev - in the interests of the national team that would prepare Andrei was not crumpled, so it will be more good if he will spend the next week in the club". Today had a telephone conversation about it between Aravim themselves Karakoy. - Not in any way questioning the right head coach on any decisions, understand the position of the coaching staff, " said the club's official website, the President of "Wings of the Soviets" German Tkachenko.. . Читать полностью -->

Zenit got goal of the season

Zenit got goal of the seasonYesterday the Board of Directors of "Zenith", which was addressed by Vlastimil the former. He told about the results of training camps. The information was noted. The team had the following objectives: to get to the winners of the Championship of Russia, to reach the group stage of the UEFA Cup. If the team is able to fulfill the second task, future goals will be refined, according to the press service of the club.. . Читать полностью -->

Olic: Brnich is the best Manager of all with whom I played for a career

Olic: Brnich is the best Manager of all with whom I played for a careerCSKA striker Ivica Olic said the site army of fans of the club that the left-back position, where he delivered in the friendly match against Austria on view in the team Bernard Brnich, it is not characterized. "Not just left, and, in General, defender yesterday he played first time in my life. The best playmaker of all, which I played for a career - Brnik. Very skilled and smart player who perfectly knows the art of the pass," said Olic.Brnich, stated that other options for continuing a career beyond the borders of Croatia. If Brnich not podoidet CSKA, he Varnitsa home. "In that case I will go back to their club and will play in the Croatian championship, which starts on 27 February," said Brnich.. Читать полностью -->

Baidachnaya appointed chief coach of the national team of Belarus

Baidachnaya appointed chief coach of the national team of BelarusChief coach of the national team of Belarus football assigned well-known sports specialist, 50-year-old Anatoly baidachnaya. Such a decision by a majority of votes was taken by the Executive Committee of the Association "Belarusian football Federation", ITAR-TASS reported.Famous former football player, Anatoly baidachnaya, completing his playing career, about 20 years to coaching, including 6 years taught the skill of the Russian players. In late may of this year he became the head of Minsk "Dynamo". Agreed that before the end of the season baidachnaya will combine the responsibilities of the coach and club.Speaking at a meeting of the Executive Committee, A. baidachnaya said that he is the enemy of any experiments with the national team. In the first phase of work with the team he put the task - "to finish the qualifying tournament of the European championship and to create an efficient team". Читать полностью -->

Ronaldinho broke the glass when shooting commercials

Ronaldinho broke the glass when shooting commercialsBrazilian forward of "Barcelona" Ronaldinho broke the window in the old Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, juggling the ball during the filming of a commercial. However, sloppy blow the stars from the Catalan club has not caused serious damage to the building of the XII century, in which the relics of the patron Saint of Spain Jaime First - Ronaldinho successfully got not a valuable antique stained glass and modern glass cost 10 euros, reports Reuters with a reference to the Spanish media.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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